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My organisation is happy to contribute to Birchwood Forum by paying the membership fee according to the size of our organisation. My organisation is covered by the following category:

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Membership Category Employee Numbers Subscription Levels
  Start Up Free [see Note 1]
1 Under 15 £100.00
2 Under 50 £265.00
3 Under 100 £470.00
4 Under 250 £680.00
5 Over 250 £1,200.00
Public Sector Flat Rate £350.00
Partner   £2,000.00


  1. Free first year Forum membership for companies trading for less than one year with under 15 employees. Join Category1 for subsequent years.
  2. Annual subscriptions run from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015.
  3. New subscriptions made after 1 October 2014 will be invoiced pro rata.
  4. The current rate of VAT is 20%.
  5. Please advise if invoice is required and submit Purchase Order with request.
  6. Receipted invoice will be dispatched on receipt of online payment confirmation.
  7. Companies which have not renewed by 30 April 2014 will be deleted from Membership

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